The Weizmann Center

A complex of 3 buildings adjacent to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, featuring a commercial center, a tower with offices and clinics, an assisted living facility, a hotel, a maternity hotel and a huge parking structure.

The Center includes three buildings:

An 18-story business tower, including offices and clinics, a Vital Business Hotel and a Baby Lis Maternity Hospital | A commercial center including a gym | Palace Tel Aviv – with 11 floors of assisted living with the highest level of nursing and therapeutic care | the building designed in a European palatial style and include 231 luxury apartments and a library, events’ hall, cinema hall, swimming pool, restaurants, etc.  | All the construction work, including the detailed finishes executed by Aviv.

The complex includes an underground parking structure with 2,300 parking spaces spread over 5 parking basements, spanning a total area of 90,000 square meters.

The Weizmann Center | Tel Aviv

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