Aviv BeLevontin, a trendy residential complex, including 3 buildings at the corner of Levontin, HaRakevet and Mikve Yisrael Streets.   A short walk from the bustling Rothschild Avenue.

The new building is a restoration of the original Phoenix House building, with a circular façade, which graces the street.  Designed by Gidi Bar Orian Architects, which won first place in the Design Award of 2015 in the residential complex category.

Aviv BeLevontin is a residential complex of 3 buildings.  The center building is located at the intersection of Levontin, HaRakevet and Mikve Yisrael Streets – and the other two buildings are located at 17 and 19 Mikve Yisrael Street.  The complex is located at the northern tip of the trendy and developing Gan HaHashmal Quarter, a minute’s walk from Rothschild Street, the heart of Tel Aviv and the municipal business center.  The project includes 132 apartments, which are suitable for the young vibrant population that is looking for quality of life in the heart of the city, with an urban residential style, unique character and a personal statement.  On the street level, the space is designated for commerce.

The Building on Levontin Street (the former Phoenix House)

The building is designed in a neo-Bauhaus style, in the spirit of the White City, by Architect Gidi Bar Orian.  The new building is a restoration of the original Phoenix House building, with a circular façade that graces the street.  The exterior cladding of the building is comprised of a combination of plaster and wood (parklex).  The building features 5 residential floors, with 103 apartments, most of which are 2-3 room spacious apartments and a floor of penthouses, a commercial ground floor and three parking basements.

The design of the communal spaces creates a young contemporary experience.  In the center of the building, there is a spectacular patio with a green illuminated garden.  In addition, there is a bicycle room, laundry room, protective space on each floor and 3 spacious elevators for the occupants’ use.

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