Rothschild 22 Tower |  A Business Center in the Heart of Tel Aviv 

A Business Tower – A luxurious 29-story luxurious office tower overlooking the sea and an urban landscape.  The tower includes the offices of leading Israeli and international companies.

The Bachar House  – The original building planned by Architect Yehuda Magidovitch, was meticulously restored by Architect Amnon Bar-Or, who has planned the best restorations of Tel Aviv’s buildings.  One of the building’s façades faces the tower’s lobby and expresses the harmonious combination of the new and the old.

The Atrium – The Business Tower and the Bachar House are connected by a modern glass atrium, soaring to a great height and will combine the old with the new, interior with exterior.  The tower and the atrium are being planned by famous architect, Moshe Tzur.  The interior design of the public spaces will be planned by Orly Sharm.

The Rothschild 22 Hotel is managed by the Fattal Chain – Israel’s largest hotel chain.  The hotel, designed by famous designer Ari Sha’altiel, offers a perfect Tel Aviv experience:  an excellent location in the center of the prestigious bustling avenue.  Additionally, the hotel features well-equipped Regus conference rooms and an exclusive business lounge that offers a spectacular panoramic view alongside business services, light refreshments, beverages and alcoholic drinks.

The Highest Standards

The Rothschild 22 Tower soars to a height of 29 floors.  Each floor features modern and smart planning of the offices, coordinated by the Aviv Group’s best experienced architects.  The building is meticulously characterized by a luxurious design and high level of quality of its surroundings, building and offices.

Architects:  Moshe Tzur Architects and City Planners

Rothschild 22, Tel Aviv

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