Aviv Sheli – A long-term rental residential project in Ramat Hasharon

Aviv won the Apartment for Rent Ltd.’s tender for the construction and management of a long-term rental residential project in Ramat Hasharon.  The project enables families to live in a central high-quality city, in new stylish apartments, with long-term leases, providing renters with security and stability when renting an apartment.

The Project

This residential complex includes 281 apartments in three 13-story buildings and one 21-story building, as well as underground parking levels and warehouses.  The project is located on Hativat Alexandroni Street in eastern Ramat Hasharon, adjacent to main roads and highways.  Moreover, the project features public green spaces, including an expansive playground, a games room and indoor playground for children.

There are 75 3-room apartments, each floor spanning an area of 70 square meters and a 9.5 sq.m. terrace, as well as a number of 5-6 room apartments.   The apartments are meticulously planned, using the most durable, long-lasting materials.  All the units in this project benefit from the same level of finish and include a protective space, air-conditioning and a stylish lobby.

Rent-Controlled Apartments 

71 of the project’s apartments are slated from renters who are eligible according to the Ministry of Housing, with controlled rent, and their rent is lower than the market price by 20%.  The controlled rent is linked to the Consumer Price Index and is updated from time to time.  There is a three-year rental period with an option of extending the lease for an additional three years, and then for another four (10 years in total).  Selection of the renters is conducted by a controlled raffle among those with eligibility certificates issued by a government company.

The remainder of the apartments are rented on the open market for a period of five years, with an option of an extension of an additional five years.

Hativat Alexandroni Street, Ramat Hasharon

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