About the Group

Aviv Group is one of Israel's largest, foremost, and most veteran construction companies.

The company has vast experience in building complex and extensive engineering projects for residential, commercial, and public construction and infrastructure in Israel and overseas. Since its establishment in 1963, the company has left its mark on the Israeli construction scene, serving as a contractor-performer for wide-ranging and groundbreaking projects.

The company's entire range of activities, including initiation, purchase, planning, construction, and marketing, is all done under one roof. The company's clients benefit from the tight cooperation between the various bodies, as well as from complete confidence in the company's ability to follow through on its engagements.

Over the years, the group has specialized in sophisticated and challenging construction, while employing advanced technologies. We use high-quality, technologically advanced construction materials, and our meticulous architectural planning is conducted by some of the finest professionals in the field.

The company acts to initiate projects while utilizing its employees' ability to predict and select developing areas. The company is extremely experienced in land improvement, increasing construction percentages, and making wise investments in projects with guaranteed success, in highly desirable areas in Israel and abroad, all the while adamantly adhering to schedule and maintaining the highest level of planning, uncompromising quality, and a meticulous finish. Aviv has extensive experience and a stellar reputation for successful and fruitful partnerships with other companies in the field.

The company is managed by Doron Aviv, Chairman, and Dafna Harlev, CEO. 

Doron Aviv — Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Graduated from the Technion's Faculty of Structural Engineering (magna cum laude).
  • Aviv Group Chairman since 2001. Served as Aviv Group CEO for over 15 years.


Dafna Harlev — CEO

  • Bar Ilan University graduate in economics and business administration.
  • Serving as Aviv Group CEO since 2001.
  • In her previous role in Aviv Group, served as deputy CFO for over 15 years.
Aviv Group