50 Years of Israeli Creation

Leadership Throughout our Journey

Since its inception until today, the Aviv Group has succeeded in positioning itself at the forefront of Israel’s construction industry, thanks to its innovation, boundless ingenuity and uncompromising professionalism throughout its journey.  The Aviv Group is proud to serve as a focal point of design originality and is happy to be an important link in the establishment of Israeli icons that are well known to all citizens of the State of Israel.

The Company founded by the late Moshe Aviv

Mr. Moshe Aviv established the Company and it quickly became one of the leaders in the Israeli market.

Acquisition of Control of Asif Ltd.

The Aviv Group acquired control of Asif Ltd. and established itself as a leading company.

Entry into real estate development and construction overseas

The Aviv Group begins to develop and execute projects in eastern and western Europe

Aviv acquires Yuli Capital Markets Ltd.

Together with partners, Aviv acquired the public company - Yuli Capital Markets Ltd. and entered into activity in the U.S. The Aviv Group began operations in North America.

Entered the field of yielding properties

Entrance into the field of residential yielding properties – Apartments for long-term rental in Ramat Hasharon

Promotion of Urban Renewal Projects

The Group entered the urban renewal market, with its leading projects.