Aviv BaTzameret / Tel Aviv

The Aviv BaTtzameret Tower rises 30 stories high, with an adjoining eight-storey wing.


The apartments are particularly palatial and luxurious, with a spacious 25 sq. meter (270 sq. foot) balcony, in effect creating a mini-penthouse on each floor.

The tower's square design, and the fact that each floor has only four apartments, produce a spacious windowed living area overlooking the open landscape and granting a magical view of Tel Aviv and the sea. The tower’s adjoining wing contains three-room apartments with high-ceiling, double-height living rooms.

 The view from every floor stretches across the roof tops of Tel Aviv all the way to the sea, thanks to the Aviv BaTzameret Tower's unique inner construction and its perfect location within the compound.

 The tower features a luxuriant lobby area manned by porters 24 hours a day, a management company, an external swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, a lavish parking lot, fast elevators, and more.


Architects: MYS Architects

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