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Aviv Sheli - A residential rental project in Ramat HaSharon

The Aviv company has won a tender for the construction and management of a residential rental project in Ramat HaSharon. The project enable young families to live in a central, high-quality town, in brand new apartments, while enjoying a long-term lease, providing the residents with housing security and rent stability.

TThe project

The residential compound include 281 apartments in three 13-storey buildings and one 21-storey building, as well as shared underground parking levels and warehouses. The project is located on Hativat Alexandroni Street in eastern Ramat HaSharon, in proximity to main roads and highways. In addition, the project will offer developed public spaces, including a well-cultivated garden.

 Apartment mix

75 appartments are three-room apartments with a floor area of 70 sq.m (753 sq. feet) and balcony area of 10.5 sq.m., alongside 187 four-room apartments with a floor area of around 95 sq. meters (1076 sq. feet), and balcony area of 9.5 sq.m, and a few 5-6-room units. Great consideration has gone into the apartment planning process, using highly durable and long-lasting materials. All units in this project benefit from the same standard of finish, and include a protected space, air conditioning, and a residents' lounge in the common spaces.

Rent controlled apartments

71 of residential units in the project have a goverment controlled rent, roughly 20% lower than the market price. The controlled rent  linked to the consumer price index, and updated periodically. The lease period for rent controlled apartments us  three years, with an option to extend the lease by three additional years and then another four (10 years total). Selection of renters is done via controlled lottery among holders of a certificate of eligibility issued by a government company.



The remain of the units rents in open market for a period of five years, with an option to extend by five more. 

Architects: MYS Architects

On-site sales office: 2 Hativat Alexandroni Street, Ramat HaSharon

Appointment by reservation only: *5233

for ferther information about the lotory: www.avivsheli.co.il

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