Aviv BeAlterman / Herzliya

Located in the new part of Herzliya, on the corner of Rashi and Alterman Streets by the legendary Ficus plant nursery, Aviv BeAlterman provides green surroundings on one hand and the greatest possible proximity to main arterial roads on the other, close to centers of leisure and employment: the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), the Performing Arts Center, schools and pre-schools, the Sportek, the Shivat HaKochavim shopping mall, the Herzliya Pituah center, and more.

The site includes three eight-storey buildings and a prestigious 16-storey tower that spread across an area of approximately 6.5 dunams (1.6 acres). The compound has four-, five-, and six-bedroom apartments, garden apartments with a private garden, and spacious penthouses. The apartments feature rich and luxurious technical specifications; each apartment has a sun balcony, two adjoining parking spaces in the underground parking lot, and more. The excellent level of construction, design, and finish, articulated by the meticulous attention to detail, is apparent in every corner. Aviv BeAlterman was built in partnership with America Israel, one of the leading entrepreneurial companies in the field of private and business real estate. (2007).

Architects: BLK Architects & Town Planners

All apartments  have been sold.

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