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Website: www.blender.co.il


BLENDER by Aviv Group Technological Development is an international online platform that brings together private individuals interested in getting higher interest rates on their available funds with private individuals who seek a fast and convenient loan under better terms than the ones offered by other financial sources. The online encounter between borrowers and lenders is called P2P (peer-to-peer) Lending, and it is based on well-established models that have been proven successful across the globe and on the Internet.


An online encounter between lenders and borrowers

Online shopping is becoming more and more prevalent — flight tickets, books, groceries, gadgets, clothes, and more. Loans and savings are consumer goods just like any other, and Israeli consumers are realizing that they can obtain a loan online, without even leaving their homes, for a more attractive price and in a quicker, more convenient way.

BLENDER has developed DirectMatch™ —a unique system that allows a careful and thorough examination of all borrowers. The system makes the best match between the borrower's request and the lender's expectations. The system is based on unique mathematical algorithms developed by the company and on tried and tested international models.


The rationale

The operating costs of an online system are lower than those of traditional systems such as banks and credit cards. Expenses for offices, manpower, management, and more are eliminated by the use of a computerized platform. The amount saved benefits all parties involved.


Profit and security for lenders

Through management and supervision and spread of risk, the system automatically distributes the lender's loaned funds over a large number of individuals. Spreading the loan, a careful review and selection of borrowers, and the company's security sinking fund all work to ensure the lender's money.


Comfort and profit for borrowers

Borrowers benefit from a more convenient interest rate, compared to other alternatives. Every loan is carried out online, on your computer or mobile device, in a brief, user-friendly, transparent process. There's no need to go all the way to the bank, use a mail carrier, fax papers and sign piles of documents.


The social lending market – everybody wins

The field of social lending is gaining momentum worldwide, including in Israel. Many people already understand that social lending benefits all parties involved: Lenders prefer to see their money bear higher interest rates, compared with what is offered by alternative services. Borrowers prefer taking out a loan with a more convenient interest rate, easily and comfortably, without leaving their homes. Additionally, they would prefer the profits generated by their money go toward private individuals just like them, who are the financiers of their loan.


The "what" and the "how much"

BLENDER charges borrowers a predetermined sum of ILS 200 or 2% of the loan. There are no hidden fees, no interest rate gaps, and no creative "inventions" — just one, transparent fee. Also, the loan can be paid off at any time and at no extra cost. BLENDER charges lenders a commission of 1% of total repayments. Loans are granted for up to 3 years and up to ILS 30,000.


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