Aviv Group

60 Years of Israeli Creation

Aviv group
One of Israel’s Leading Long-Established Construction Companies

The Group has vast experience in executing complex wide-scale engineering projects for residential and commercial purposes, public construction and infrastructure in Israel and overseas.  Since it was founded in 1963 by the late Moshe Aviv, the group has left its mark on the Israeli construction landscape, while building its reputation as the construction contractor for large-scale groundbreaking projects.

All the company’s activities, including development, acquisition, planning, construction and marketing of the projects, are conducted all under one roof.  Consequently, the Group’s customers benefit from the close collaboration between the various parties and have complete confidence in the Company’s ability to meet its commitments.

Over the years, the Group has specialized in sophisticated and challenging construction, using state-of-the-art technologies.  The best  and most technologically advanced building materials are used, while the meticulous architectural planning is overseen by outstanding professionals in their fields.

The Company is engaged in the development of projects, taking advantage of its staff’s ability to predict and select developing areas.  The Company has amassed vast experience in real estate improvement, increasing the construction percentages and making smart investments in projects with guaranteed success in sought-after areas in Israel and overseas.   The Company consistently meets its deadlines, adheres to a high level of planning, uncompromising quality and meticulous finishes.  Aviv has amassed vast experience and earned an excellent reputation in successful and lucrative collaborations with other companies in the field.

The Company is managed by Doron Aviv, Chairman, and Dafna Harlev, CEO.


Doron Aviv – Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Graduated from the Technion Faculty of Building Engineering with outstanding honors.
  • Chairman of Aviv Group since 2001. Served as CEO of Aviv Group for more than 15 years.

Daphne Herlev – CEO

  • Graduate of Bar Ilan University in Economics and Business Administration.
  • She has been CEO of Aviv Group since 2001.
  • In her previous position at Aviv Group, she served as CFO for over 15 years.